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Name:Equestrian Discussion & Critique
Posting Access:All Members
Welcome to [community profile] equestrian, a discussion community for any equestrians on Dreamwidth. Discussion, meta, critique, advice, and upcoming news are all welcome here.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with our guidelines, as you will be expected to know, understand, and comply with them when posting to or interacting with the community. Violation may result in a mod asking you to edit your content or, in extreme cases, the deletion of your post.

General Policies:
1) Civil English. Be polite, and don't bring personal drama here--standard fare. If you've a problem with a member, please feel free to message the mod.
2) English. Period. We understand not everyone speaks fluent English, but that is not an excuse for writing a sentence like "thIs iz 4 u plz". Please use proper punctuation and grammar. If we cannot understand you, we retain the right to delete your post.
3) Cut long entries (longer than 10-15 lines) and images larger than 300x300px. Only one image may be posted before the cut.
4) All posts must be related to the equestrian sport. This includes questions and discussion about general news in the equine community, stable procedures, tack, care, evaluation, or critique. Anything off-topic will be deleted.
5) Freezing comments on a post/deleting your post because you dislike the responses is a bannable offence, and it only takes once. If you feel a commenter is being unreasonably rude, please let the mod know and it will be taken care of.
6) Please keep comments relevant.
7) Short, informative subject lines (e.g. "dressage saddle question" or "riding in mud") help us sort. Mods cannot change your content, so please make sure your title and post convey the necessary information.

Discussion Policies:
1) General policies apply.
2) Please provide us with a reference point if you can. If, for example, you have a question about a particular piece of tack, link to the manufacturer's website or scan in a photo if you can.
3) Be aware that your post will be read by strangers and those with a different background than yours. Backstory and an awareness that your methods are not the only correct ones will work in your favour.
4) If you have a general question (e.g. "what's the difference between a snaffle and a pelham bit?"), please try to do some research of your own. If your questions are experience-specific (e.g. "I'm thinking of switching from a snaffle to a pelham; what are your experiences with both or either bit? Do you have a preference?"), they may be a little better suited to this community.
5) Images should be yours, or cited as otherwise. Passing off others' images as your own is a bannable offence.
6) Consolidate. If you have three questions, combine them into one post instead of making three separate posts.
7) Check the tags. See if someone's already asked your question.

Critique of Both Horse and Rider:
1) General Policies still stand.
2) Posts should contain photos for evaluation--no more than ten. They should be clear enough that critique is possible.
3) Shrink large photos. Not all of us have access to high-speed internet, and loading large images takes time!
3) Keep critique and evaluation constructive. Rude, condescending, and/or demeaning comments will deleted. Any commenter who establishes a pattern of this behaviour (two or more offences) will be banned.
4) Don't ask for evaluation of someone else, even if it happens to be your friend.

Ads & Advertising:
1) Equestrian-related communities may be advertised once without permission. The ad must be placed behind a cut and labelled as such. Failure to do this will result in your post being deleted.
2) Ads to sell your own equipment are limited to one per person, once a month.
3) Ads to sell or lease your horse are not permitted. Sites like are specifically geared to help you reach your local area; this community is not.

Contact the Mod
PM eternal_sadist
Mod Post at equestrian

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