July 14th, 2011

Sun sun sun, here it comes

  • Jul. 14th, 2011 at 6:36 AM
Hello DW Equestrian community! We're all pretty quiet these days.

I wanted to drop by with a question, this is the first time in a long time I've had my own horse to ride, not under the direct supervision of a trainer (atm, we're considering our options) and I've never tried to do this on my own. My horse was moved this spring and he lost some weight after, we've finally got his weight back up to where I feel like we need to rebuild some of the muscle he's lost. (He was also on light work for a few weeks because of some mysterious swelling in his legs...but that seems to have settled down *knock on wood*) Anyway, we've got a big 5 acre field out in the back of the barn, there are cross country jumps but there is a path that we can ride inside and around the jumps. It's all pretty flat, so I don't have access to good hills to work him on :/ We plan to ride him out on in the back, some nice trot work out there at least while the weather is good. What else can we do? I'm wanting him fit, going into winter when we loose access to the outdoors.

I'm interested in strengthening his back further too, he's finally coming to the point where he can lift more consistently but I know that's historically been one of his weaker parts, due to how he was trained/worked before. I've considered starting introducing lunging with side reins, he's a pretty good lunger but has never done it with side reins. Can that help him too?

And for your visual pleasure, have some pics of our progress over the past year. I am so VERY proud.
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